baby 3d

With Joshua Citarella, Judith Fan and Gean Moreno

Moderated by Michael Jones McKean

11/13/2016, NYC

The discussion panel included New York based artist Joshua Citarella; cognitive psychologist Judith Fan; Miami based artist and writer Gean Moreno, and was moderated by New York based artist Michael Jones McKean. 5D explores the post-human possibilities and evolutionary growth pains linked to a shift from historically linear forms of textual communication, to nonlinear image-based communication, and how this shift could perhaps promote emergent capacities for multi-dimensional thinking.

In August 2005, Canon released the first in their continuous line of flagship single-reflex digital cameras – the 5D. Unparalleled within the short history of digital photography in terms of image quality, ease, automation, and price point, the 5D at the time of it’s release represented a massive paradigm shift by swelling the communicative capacities of the image itself. The Canon 5D helped usher in an era of camera ubiquity while in the process dissolving the remaining impediments to instantaneous transmission – the photograph as artifact – by embedding new reproductive capabilities into the DNA of the image itself. Unburdened by paper things, the magnitude of images produced exponentially increased, buttressed in turn by parallel platforms and developments from ever cheaper data storage, to more sophisticated social media platforms, to improved image search, and finally, to the unified grafting of image production and networked image transmission into a single device – the smart phone. Now a decade downstream of the 5D’s initial release, strange cognitive changes seem afoot as a result of our early gestures toward image-based communication…

In keeping with a speculative approach, 5D of course also alludes to the by now mythic fifth dimension. Opening a rift through our observable three spatial dimensions and the 4th dimension of time, 5D space becomes a rallying point to a reality beyond optical perception, beyond the frameworks of materiality and time as we understand them. 5D will explore the possibility of a bridge emerging – coupling our lived-in transformational shift away from linear, textual, sequential thinking brought on by a surge of image-orientated activities, with newly emergent capacities to perceive and think multi-dimensionally.

Joshua Citarella is an artist based in New York. Citarella’s work has been exhibited at Higher Pictures in New York, Clifton Benevento in New York, Brand New Gallery in Milan, Sculpture Center in New York, Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and the Museum of the Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

Judith Fan is a PhD candidate at Princeton University working in the field of Cognitive Psychology with a degree from Harvard College in Neurobiology. In additional to many awards and fellowships, Fan has contributed to numerous publications and conferences in her field including the Journal of Experimental Psychology, Translational Issues in Psychological Science, and Cognition.

Gean Moreno is an artist, writer, and curator based in Miami. He currently serves as the Artistic Director at Cannonball in Miami, Florida and has contributed to Art Papers, e-flux, Flash Art and DIS among many others. Moreno has exhibited his work at the North Miami MoCA, Kunsthaus Palais Thum and Taxis in Bregenz, Institute of Visual Arts in Milwaukee, Haifa Museum in Israel, Arndt & Partner in Zurich, SAKS in Geneva, Derek Eller Gallery and Invisible-Exports in New York.